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Reaching the top with four brand culture pops

At Notepad, we’re increasingly finding that when we sit down with leaders of startups or small business, they all mention the various challenges they face in uniting their people internally around a single vision and purpose.  In this next blog on ‘Brand culture’ we take a look at the four things Notepad always recommends to leaders and businesses when building brand culture and successfully mobilising people internally.

The challenge is real

Whether it be the result of rapid growth or just brand culture not being given the time and attention it needs to be sustained, it is rare for a company to be unified with everyone pulling together in the same direction and for the same reasons. 

Sometimes there isn’t a strong, clearly-articulated set of core values driving behaviour, so employees feel rudderless and adrift. They might even just be employees not seeing anyone living those values and then slowly cynicism creeps in leading to a troop of demoralised employees. Imagine the impact that has on a brand’s customers and indeed its reputation.

Here are some of Notepad’s top tips to building or aligning your team’s brand culture:

1. Define what you stand for 

Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? What are the stories you tell about yourself, and what are their origins?, and where you’re going? What are your assumptions, your customs and your rituals? What are the values that you share? These all need to be defined, codified, lived by senior management and communicated to your team. They must be baked into your DNA. At Notepad, we have a workshop that helps our clients answer many of these questions.

2. Don’t pull the wool over your eyes

Don’t try to dictate something that only represents what you wish your internal brand culture to be like. Ask your employees about their everyday experience and real life culture of your company. Try defining your organisation’s core cultural values as a team or in a workshop setting. It can help guide internal and external decision-making, foster collaboration, and even attract talent. Values only work when a business culture and environment that encourages them to be realised. 

3. Ensure the rewards match your cultural ambition

If your company claims to value teamwork, don’t make employees compete against each other and reward the most cutthroat (this is a common problem among sales teams). A company should reward the people who exhibit the values the leadership proclaims, or the culture is in trouble. An example: At Notepad, every quarter we recognise a Padder’s hard work both in delivering value to our clients, but also in living and breathing the brand and culture. This quarter’s ‘Pad on the back’ was given to Krishna Chauhan. Always reward your people, it makes them feel proud and respected.

4. Build pride, deeply proud employees reinforce your internal culture

A key pillar to building culture is ‘pride’. This is instilled when your employees perceive that the company values and recognises their achievements no matter how big or small. It slowly builds ‘attachment’. Your employees will perceive that they belong to a community with shared values and interests.

A soft sell

At Notepad, we bring big agency experience and a start-up mindset to the fray. We work faster, smarter and more affordably. Please do get in touch if you want to start identifying and eliminating those cultural gaps in your business.  If you want to bring the magic back to your internal brand culture through your employees or teams, you know who to call. We are bad culture busters and great culture creators, so hit us up!


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