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Notepad Crowdcube Partnership

Notepad have been officially named as Preferred Branding Suppliers by leading crowdfunding platform Crowdcube

We will be working with Crowdcube funded organisations and lending our expertise in branding as their chosen strategic partners. Having helped many of our clients raise investment through crowdfunding, we understand how to take an idea and develop it into an investable and engaging brand experience

Crowdcube operate using an equity-based fundraising model, with payments only being taken if entrepreneurs reach their investment targets. Individuals’ investments are pooled together, allowing entrepreneurs to secure funding directly from the general public, bypassing the banks and business angels. 

This puts the power in the hands of entrepreneurs and provides access to funding for some of the brightest up and coming businesses from the UK and beyond. 

Crowdcube’s catalogue of success stories includes Monzo, JustPark, Parcel2Go and Chilango. All of which achieved their funding goals and went on to release equity through the platform. 

To maximise our value to Crowdcube’s fast-moving businesses, Notepad has launched a tailored brand sprint programme.

The programme has been specifically designed to give pre-campaign and post campaign Crowdcube businesses a robust and scalable brand strategy, brand identity, and all the tools needed for consistent growth in less than 2 weeks. 

Sprint outputs:

  • A clear and compelling brand proposition, name, narrative and tools for consistent internal and external communication.
  • Clear point of differentiation to distinguish you in the market.
  • A complete brand system and creative identity that stands the test of time, and effectively pulls in your target audiences around the world.
  • A clear long-term vision for all employees to follow, underpinned by your business growth objectives. The tools, templates and devices your team needs to make your business more memorable, engaging and compelling that your competitors.
  • A brand identity system that allows you to scale and explore new markets and effectively houses your diverse service offering as it grows.
  • A brand that attracts the best talent.
  • Clear and usable brand guidelines, and a folder of required brand assets and marketing materials.


Prices start from £7950

Note – Notepad do occasionally work with Crowdcube businesses on a reduced rate in return for a % of your raise. To discuss this approach, just email

At Notepad, we define, create and grow brands for startups and ambitious businesses that challenge the status quo. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Crowdcube and can’t wait to engage with the next generation of passionate entrepreneurs who dream big. Do not hesitate to get in touch and let’s build some brands that can change the world together!



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