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Boost your brand – How to thrive during times of crises (Webinar)

Right now, brands around the world are panicking. The world has turned upside down and everyone is trying to work out how to adapt to and thrive in this new working order.

Marketing budgets have been put on hold. Creativity and long-term planning have been replaced by short-term tactics and shooting from the hip. This is understandable, as survival instincts and thoughts of simply consolidating what you already have begin to kick in. But if you take a step back from it all, you will see that some brands are thriving right now.

In two extremely well received webinars over the past two weeks, our Notepad Founder and MD Naeem Alvi tackled the subject head on, dissecting how brands are rising to the challenge, and using this time as an opportunity for progress. As well as guiding listeners through an actionable plan, step-by-step which will help to inform their own brands.

If you missed it, here’s a full recording of the webinar for you to enjoy.


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