UoB School.

Rethinking education, helping tomorrow’s citizens flourish.


Founded in 2015, University of Birmingham school is the UK’s first ever university training school. As a pioneer in education, UoB School are striving to show the world what’s possible when you place as much importance on character development, as you do on academic results.

Our challenge was to consolidate all the learnings from the amazing progress UoB School have made so far, and whittle everything down into one easily digestible narrative and over-arching purpose; One consistent mission, vision, and ‘rallying-cry’ for everyone to believe in.


To ensure we crafted a narrative that was drawn from, and shaped by the community whom it serves and will continue to serve, the school conducted 31 stakeholder interviews. Over the course of two weeks, teachers, parents, students, professional services employees, governors and the leadership team were independently interviewed on camera to give their honest opinion of the school’s purpose, vision, strengths and weaknesses.

Armed with hours of footage, we analysed all the interviews to determine key themes, insights and ideas that were consistently mentioned across stakeholder groups.

With the most common narrative threads outlined, and a much deeper understanding of what UoB School is all about we set to work on crafting a narrative that would resonate with anyone that came into contact with the brand.


University of Birmingham School. ‘Rethinking education, helping tomorrow’s citizens flourish.’

From our research into character education, and the insights from stakeholder interviews, we knew our tagline had to combine purpose, originality and vision to truly stand out and resonate with everyone involved in the school.

By working together as a team, and working with other leading minds in character education and citizenship, UoB School are rethinking and creating more effective methods of education and helping both students and teachers to truly flourish as citizens. This is something visionary everyone can see, feel and believe in.

‘Rethinking education, helping tomorrow’s citizen’s flourish’ is the school’s purpose in as few words as possible. It works externally as a brand tagline, and internally as a driving force for their people.

From here, we combined the school’s strengths and vision to create their brand narrative:

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Together, we’re pioneering a comprehensive school and sixth form for a truly diverse and inclusive student community that creates great citizens.

We’re proud to welcome 11 – 19 year olds from all across Birmingham through our doors to be part of our state-of- the-art school, and give them the opportunity to develop great character and achieve academic success in a thriving community – without limits.

Our partnership with the University of Birmingham, gives our students and our teachers unrivalled access to their world-class resources, research and people. This partnership makes us the UK’s first secondary University Training School and gives us endless opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow as a school that will forever put education, safety and wellbeing first.

Our diverse curriculum is supported by a school-wide enrichment programme and extended school day that ensures all students have the opportunity to explore their passions and develop as well-rounded citizens with great character.

By balancing character development with academic success, we’re creating better citizens, better communities, and a better world.

Rethinking education, helping tomorrow’s citizens flourish.

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To ensure successful rollout, we then developed the brands vision, mission, brand principles, and provided easily digestible tone of voice guidelines and key marketing messages.

The new narrative and brand articulation is now live on the University of Birmingham School website, and as a school they continue to rethink education, and help tomorrow’s citizens flourish every single day.

Find out more at uobschool.org.uk


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