TIDY Coaching.

Think Growth.


After a successful 25-year career working for some of the world’s largest media companies, the client, Tina Digby, had made a decision to use her management experience to retrain as an executive coach. Armed with years of leadership development, knowledge and understanding, and her own unique approach to performance coaching, Tina needed us to create and launch a compelling brand which truly clarified her proposition, target audience, and vision.


From our research, we learned that executive coaching is quite a fuzzy industry that often blurs into consultancy and training. However, Tina is a coach. She doesn’t do the work for her clients; she coaches them to do their work more effectively.

We conducted interviews with several of the Midland’s most successful business leaders, analysed trends in the coaching industry, and conducted thorough competitor analysis to develop the new brand proposition:

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Executive coaching that enables emerging leaders to unlock the right mindset for rapid business growth.

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Inspired by the organised approach Tina takes to performance coaching, and drawing upon the letters of her name (Tina Digby) we developed the brand name and tagline:

TIDY Coaching. Think Growth.

The name TIDY is memorable and unique, and gives the brand the ability to scale when the time is right. The T-I-D-Y letters also gave us the foundation to clarify Tina’s coaching model:

T – Talk through your challenges

I – Identify vision

D – Develop goals

Y – Your action plan

With the brand articulated, we then developed a narrative that would resonate more deeply with Tina’s target audience and give people a compelling reason to support the brand’s growth.

During our research in our Validate phase of work, we learned that the UK is facing a big leadership credibility gap. While there is plenty of coaching support and training available for experienced leaders, there was no coaching model that specifically focused on helping younger and emerging high-potential leaders to unlock the right mindset for success.

With this in mind, Tidy Coaching is now on a mission to close the UK’s leadership credibility gap by giving emerging leaders the coaching they need to become successful leaders faster and more effectively.


The majority of UK coaching brands have a very corporate image; Think corporate headshots, imagery of skyscrapers, and lots of business jargon.

As TIDY Coaching is a brand that strives to make things simple, and centers on building meaningful relationships with young and ambitious leaders, our identity needed to feel the right balance of professional and approachable.

By combining a pink, black and white palette, with a custom and fairly abstract logotype the Tidy Coaching identity feels unique, exciting and compelling.

To bring the unique T-I-D-Y coaching model to life, we added custom illustrations for each step of the process that help to make the identity a more coherent system, and give the brand a unique look and feel in what is a very saturated market.

To further compliment the approachable identity, our photography art direction centered on using non-corporate imagery with a soft focus that showcase the meaningful connections a good coach should make with a client.


To launch TIDY coaching with maximum impact our marketing strategy focused on four key areas of focus:

  1. Position the brand
  2. Build our community of fans
  3. Raise brand awareness
  4. Leverage word-of-mouth referrals

To keep launch costs low, our marketing strategy focused on leveraging Tina’s existing business network through content and newsletter marketing.

Now live and out there helping emerging leaders succeed, TIDY coaching’s unique coaching model, brand, and proposition, has enabled the business to occupy and own a unique space in the market.

Find out more at www.tidycoaching.com


Brand & marketing strategy: Notepad

Identity design and art direction: Of the unknown

Photography: Roo Lewis


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