RSS Infrastructure


Auctus Management Solutions approached Notepad with a need to restructure their brand portfolio. The brand was a silent parent to two brands; Rail Safety Solutions and Auctus Training Solutions; each with their own challenges. Rail Safety Solutions (RSS), renowned for bespoke solutions in rail safety, felt there was a lack of understanding of their whole offer. While Auctus Training Solutions (ATS), a leader in infrastructure training and assessments, had little brand identity.

Our challenge was to help organise the brand architecture, while giving both these brands a clear identity and a proposition to market to help them achieve their growth ambitions. 


Our work started with a number of workshops to understand what each brand stood for and where it wanted to go. It became clear that the internal teams of RSS and ATS didn’t completely understand how their businesses worked together and therefore did not collaborate efficiently. 

We needed an internal brand for everyone to be a part of. 

Our first step was to develop a shared purpose for the whole business and a corresponding name. The INFRA Family was born. Its purpose: ‘To empower people and industries to create a safer and more productive world.’

This showed the business that even though their customers wanted to know their individual brands for their individual strengths, that didn’t stop them working together in the office, or out in the field.

Then came the brand architecture: Rail Safety Solutions became RSS Infrastructure. Auctus Training Solutions became INFRA Skills

Each with their unique proposition to the market based on customer research, market analysis and competitor analysis. With customers having strong loyalty to RSS Infrastructure and testifying to the proven value the brand adds to their business challenges, the tag line “Your trusted partners” was developed. Positioning RSS Infrastructure as the trusted provider of infrastructure solutions that guarantee to increase productivity and improve safety. 

For INFRA Skills their strength was in the way they not only made individuals but also the industry improve its skills. INFRA Skills empowered people. It was as simple as that. INFRA Skills “Empowering People”. Positioning the brand as the go to team to ensure people are makes people become more competent, productive and safe at work.


With our brand positioning, tone of voice, target audience and narrative outlined, it was time to bring the brand to life visually. 

The RSS Infrastructure identity took its ques from infrastructure and wanted to convey simplicity, yet a credibility and strength clients could trust. The hard cuts and brutalist angles in the logo give a sense of a grounded foundation, a platform on which to build.

INFRA Skills are a people brand. As such the identity was designed around the benefit INFRA Skills can bring to people. The INFRA Skills logo has been designed to look like a badge, almost as though it is a mark of respect and knowledge. Once you have completed your course, you have earnt the badge.

Through several photo shoots, we were able to capture both brands in their working environment bringing the identity to life. This coupled with a credible, grounded yet inspiring tone of voice made the identities reflect the true nature of these brands. 


Our first objective was an internal launch. As this was as much about internal cohesion as external communication, internal comms did not take second place. 

We wanted to officially unveil and embed the new brand strategy and positioning in a real, meaningful and fun way that leads to long-term sustainable behaviour change, resulting in increased engagement, productivity and business growth. 

As such we scheduled a high-energy three-hour launch event by hosted Notepad to get everyone fired up for the future of the business at a beautiful mansion off-site.

Following the internal launch of the brands and rebranding of all key assets, including workwear, stationary and livery, we formulated a launch plan of communications to the external audience. This included a social media strategy and wider comms plan and we are currently working with INFRA Skills to develop and launch their digital presence.