The Challenge  

When the client approached us, they were a successful home learning business with a strong reputation as one of the top distance learning platforms in the UK.

Rapid growth and success meant the business was at risk of outgrowing its brand. Our challenge was to create a brand that bridged the gap and matched their ambitions for the future.


Before rethinking their brand, we needed to understand the market and our biggest opportunities.

We undertook a period of in-depth market research to immerse ourselves in the world of online and distance learning. We ran two workshops with the internal teams and formed a strategic opinion based on key brand validations.

We listened to what customers had to say first hand, and analyzed the impact influential trends were having on the entire market set. By understanding the rational and emotional needs of students we identified key insights about the general strengths and shortfalls of competing online learning businesses. 

We then honed in on a uniting belief, that learning should be lifelong and limitless. It was clear that people inside the business were striving the make this reality for their students. 

We landed on ‘Learning without limits’ as a tag line which in a few words summed up what the business was about. This statement positioned Oxbridge as a modern and expressive brand striving to move light years ahead of all other learning institutions. 

Everyone at Oxbridge was connected by a passion to help people be the best they can be.

Our strategy focused on taking the business from the top four in the UK, to stand out leaders by becoming a lifestyle-focused brand that extended far beyond just providing an online education. 

Brand Identity

At Notepad we believe great design is the result of good thinking. The strategy suggested was very well received and so set up for a challenging round of design exploration. We presented a mild and wild interpretation of the strategic parameters being drawn in the sand. Drawing upon the values, key messages, and tone of voice we developed closely with the Oxbridge team, our designers got to work on bringing the brand to life visually.

After a lengthy process and many design iterations we landed on a bold, graphical and largely typographical route that elevated the brand beyond it’s business offer.

The brand had to be positioned as a modern and expressive leader in the online learning sector and to do this the identity needed to be original and game-changing – while remaining authentic to their vision.

Launch campaign

Our objective for the launch campaign was to communicate the new ‘Learning without limits’ tagline in a human way. Mapping out a full calendar of marketing activity, and creating a suite of assets for the team to promote internally and externally, the brand came to market in a big way.


I Can I will 

To deliver the campaign, we prepared a channel activity plan across the client’s digital and physical channels.

The new Oxbridge brand is now live and kicking, and helping countless students experience what ‘learning without limits’ really means.