The Challenge  

Over the past 6 years, Opinsta has developed a significant range of mobile apps and solutions for large enterprise businesses. After successful growth into multiple different sectors, stemming from the award-winning solutions delivered at companies such as Virgin Rail, the business required clarity on how to position their brand in the market, specifically to reflect the strategy of providing game-changing technology to other large-scale enterprise businesses beyond transport.

Opinsta engaged Notepad to help them scale up the business, to attract new investors and to create a professional brand that would create new value and interest from target clients.


To truly understand Opinsta, we undertook a comprehensive research process to establish a clear direction for moving forward. We started with our BrandHack workshop with the senior leadership team to really dig into their vision for the business, and lay out the foundations for their new proposition and positioning in the market.

Armed with the insight from our workshop, we then conducted in-depth market, trend, and competitor analysis to uncover the greatest opportunities for the new Opinsta brand. We also spent time interviewing past customers to really understand what makes Opinsta great.

From our in-depth research and analysis, it became clear Opinsta needed to be positioned as a modern expressive brand that went beyond just offering a suite of apps for businesses. The real strength of Opinsta’s approach is that they work with all areas of their client’s business to understand how technology can unlock untapped potential across operations, employee engagement, and customer experience.  This holistic approach is what sets them apart.

With their new market positioning outlined, we then created the tagline ‘Amplifying operational potential’ for the brand to tie everything together. From here, we then pulled together all of our insights to develop Opinsta’s new key messages, proposition, story, mission, vision, tone of voice and values.

Further to this, we restructured Opinsta’s product architecture to suit their new approach of focusing on operations, employees and customers. Rather than being a business with a suite of unconnected apps, Opinsta’s product offering is now clearly broken up into Opinsta Engage, Opinsta Experience, and Opinsta Operations.

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When considering our rebrand we spoke to several of London’s top branding agencies and Notepad. We decided to go with Notepad due to their commercial and strategic understanding of how to scale-up brands, and their sheer energy and enthusiasm for our success. The 3-month rebranding process went much deeper than expected and as a result we’ve repositioned the way we speak about ourselves and how we interpret our brand. The brand they have created for Opinsta perfectly aligns with our vision, and the whole Opinsta team is excited to be partnering with them for the long-term to truly amplify operational potential on a global scale. If you’re looking to scale up your business, speak to Notepad.

– Raj Verma, Opinsta co-founder and CEO

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Brand Identity

Our research and strategic analysis always informs the design process at Notepad. As with the strategy and articulation for Opinsta’s brand, we knew their new brand identity needed to showcase the right balance of technology and human personality. Working closely with the team we explored several concepts to bring their new brand strategy to life, until we cracked it.

Drawing upon the values, key messages, and tone of voice we developed a brand identity that was more robust with a sharp, direct and slick appearance. The identity is confident, clean and unique in the enterprise-apps market. It positions Opinsta as modern and expressive, not shying away from a challenge or showcasing the personality of their team.

The logomark is inspired by the mathematical Delta symbol which is defined as the difference between two points – and ties directly into the radical change Opinsta have on the businesses they work with. This symbol then became the cornerstone of the brand identity, and it’s subtle angles and shape can now be seen across the patterns, layouts and angles used across the brand. The spaces within the delta also allowed us to further clarify Opinsta’s different product categories.

From here, we then developed in-depth brand guidelines for the Opinsta team to follow, and a bank of assets to ensure consistent marketing as the brand grows.


Launch campaign

As with every brand at Notepad, we didn’t just give our clients beautiful guidelines and say farewell. We genuinely want every brand we create to succeed so our Launch phase of work looked at how we could devise a clear strategy and plan for launching the new brand to have maximum impact with their target customers.

Firstly, we worked closely with the team to completely redesign their website and marketing materials. From here, we then devised and managed their launch campaign, and outlined a clear plan for the team to follow to ensure maximum traction and clear return on investment.

With the new brand now live and kicking, we have now partnered with Opinsta for the long-term taking on the position of their CMO, to ensure rapid growth and global levels of awareness within the next 3 years. Find out more about Opinsta and how they Amplify Operational Potential at www.opinsta.com