Over the past 3 years Birmingham’s prestigious retail designation ‘Mailbox’ has shifted away from focusing on very high end retailers, to a mixture of high-end and more accessible mid-market brands (including homewares, outdoor and leisure).

With this evolved offering, and an ever-changing retail landscape, we were challenged to analyse the brand’s core offering, and outline a clear brand strategy to inform and drive all marketing communications moving forward.


We began by facilitating a bespoke brand workshop with Mailbox’s key stakeholders to explore their core strengths and ambitions for the new brand.

Our key learning was that the grand ambition was for the Mailbox brand to stand for much more than just retail. The team’s vision is to deliver an incredible experience which attracts people from near and far – positioning The Mailbox as a lifestyle destination, not just a building.

With this in mind, we completed an extensive competitor audit (both local and national) to understand what truly sets Mailbox apart in the retail space. From looking at trends in the market and assessing the Mailbox’s core strengths, our opportunity was clear. Mailbox isn’t just another retail destination. From the quality of the brands they house, to the exceptional customer service they deliver,  everything they do is a level above. Every visit to Mailbox delivers an experience like no other, and memories that stay with you.

In everything Mailbox offers, you really do ‘Experience Better’.


As with every new brand identity we create at Notepad, our design work started with a creative ideas session with the Mailbox team. By reviewing a tonne of different routes and moodboards, we found a consensus quite quickly and ensured everyone had given their input to the creative process.

As the existing Mailbox brand identity hadn’t been updated since 2012, the first challenge was to bring the identity into the modern era. As our focus had also shifted from their previous upper-class target audience, to more of an affluent working professional, we knew the new identity would need be more modern and unique, without losing their premium feel.

The new logo uses a bold custom type to deliver a strong and confident mark across physical and digital assets. In line with the strength of the logo, the new body and header fonts provide legibility and authority across their assets.

For the colour palette, we took inspiration from the most obvious colours on offer. Everyone that’s been to the Mailbox will know it’s the massive red building in the heart of the city. Throughout the brand we chose to use this bold red as an accent colour, truly aligning the brand’s identity with the physical space.

Beyond the design elements, we then used a conversational and confident tone of voice to bring the brand’s personality to life.


Updating a brand of this size and scale requires good planning and the right toolkit. Following the creating of the new identity, we worked closely with the team to unveil the new direction to their key stakeholders.

To ensure a uniform presence online and in print, we then created detailed brand guidelines covering the new strategy, messaging and identity in one quick reference handy tool.

The new Mailbox brand is now live and kicking across all touch points. To find out more visit