Making Digital Human.


Lightbox are a Birmingham-based digital agency that has seen considerable growth over the past couple of years. In becoming a more sophisticated business, they had outgrown their ‘we do websites’ proposition and needed a new, clear proposition to clarify and cement their position as a leading digital agency in the Midlands and beyond. Our challenge was to uncover what truly makes Lightbox unique, and then craft a meaningful proposition that would strengthen their competitive positioning and give us the foundation to clarify their messaging, tone of voice and strategic direction.


The digital agency world is incredibly competitive. Most agencies offer similar services, and say similar things, and the decision to use one agency over another largely comes down to word-of-mouth referral or cost.

To really nail down what made Lightbox special, we took things back to the drawing board.

Through a series of stakeholder sprint workshops, market research, customer interviews, and employee interviews, we analysed all angles of the business to hone in on what made them unique and uncover the biggest opportunity for growth.

Lightbox may operate in the digital and technological space, but what really sets them apart is their people. Their customers love working with them because they make the complex simple, and do it all with a smile on their face. In a world of increasing complexity, they make digital, human.

Making Digital Human means speaking your language, never using jargon and designing solutions for the people that matter most – your staff and your customers.

Using this key USP as the foundation for their new proposition, we created Lightbox’s new brand story, key messages, vision, mission and values and packaged it all up into one easy-to-digest set of guidelines.

Lightbox's new brand story.


“The rise of digital technology has made it easier than ever before for people to get whatever they need, whenever they need it.

But with so much innovation, the digital world can be confusing.

At Lightbox, our complete digital team works side-by-side with ambitious businesses to build and market cutting-edge websites, apps and digital products that accelerate growth by making life easy for them, and their customers.

We cut through the jargon and noise, to make digital experiences as effortless as they should be. By spending time with your teams, really getting to know your customers, and leveraging the latest advances in digital technology, we build long-term solutions that deliver real results.

We’re driven by new challenges. Nothing makes us happier than solving your biggest digital headaches by giving your teams the tools and ongoing support they need to make the most of digital.

The world might be digital, but when it comes to business, human beings make all the difference.

Lightbox. Making digital, human.”


As a digital agency, Lightbox have their own in-house design talent. Armed with their new brand strategy, and clarified vision for the growth of the agency, the Lightbox team brought the new brand to life visually with a modern but approachable look and feel, that perfectly captures the ‘Making digital human’ approach.

Every human has their own unique fingerprint. Lightbox’s new brand icon represents their digital fingerprint; their unique stamp on the world to be recognised as a mark of excellence as their brand profile and reputation grows.

Constructed of simple geometry, It’s beautiful simplicity represents our jargon-free, familiar and professional communication style.


The new Lightbox brand is now live and kicking and the Midlands is paying attention. Check out the new brand and website here:




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Brand Identity: Lightbox


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