When the client approached us, they were a fairly traditional accountancy firm looking to stand out in a very competitive and cluttered market.

Having seen an initial surge of growth, our challenge was to find a way to differentiate the brand, and develop a proposition which could scale beyond the company founder’s reputation.


To really understand the business, we dove deep into the market, looking at the business’s competitive landscape, speaking to their customers, and analyzing the market today and where it’s heading.

From looking at emerging trends in accountancy, we found that more than half of small businesses believed they would use their accountants for tasks outside of accountancy in the near future, and that the role of an accountant was becoming less of a bookkeeper and more of a trusted strategic advisor.

On top of that, nearly two thirds of businesses felt they wouldn’t need an accountant in 10 years time – either because they felt they could do it themselves, or because technology would do it for them.

With these key insights in mind, and an understanding of what the company already did well, our strategy focused on elevating the business from just another accountancy, to a full-service managed growth consultancy.

We knew from spending time in the business the client was already offering a whole range of services that other accountants couldn’t. To make this easy to digest, we bundled up their service offering into 8 core services, which all act as different points of entry for potential clients, and give them massive opportunity for cross selling and up-selling to existing clients.

From this thinking, our tagline ‘Beyond traditional accountancy’ was born.


The first step in creating the brand to support this new proposition, was finding a new name. Up until now, the business was named after the founder’s initials (SRK Accounting). As a business that needed to scale beyond the founder, and beyond traditional accountancy, we needed a rethink.

As with every brand name we create we explored tonnes of different themes, and hundreds of different options.

After many brainstorms, sleepless nights, and cups of coffee, GrowFactor was born.

GrowFactor don’t just help with growth. Their award-winning team find your biggest opportunity for growth and give you the tools and support to achieve the growth you’ve always dreamed of – they quite literally find your factor for growth.

With the name established, we knew we wanted the brand’s positioning to feel modern but still reserved enough to be a trusted financial partner. Drawing upon the values, key messages, and tone of voice we developed closely with the GrowFactor team, our designers got to work on bringing the brand to life visually.

The bold blood red, slightly abstract logo, and spacious identity help to create a unique and ownable identity that the team love, and their customers trust.

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No question, Notepad are simply the best at what they do. Their understanding of the startup and scaleup landscape is unreal. Since the rebrand, we’ve consistently broken sales records month on month, and our entire team’s productivity has gone through the roof. If you’re serious about scaling up, Notepad are the best out there.

– Simon Kallu, GrowFactor Founder and Chief Growth Officer

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As with every brand we develop, our objective for the launch campaign was to communicate their new ‘Beyond traditional accountancy’ proposition in a way that really succinctly showed off their new growth-focused positioning, and expanded ‘Epic 8’ offering.

To achieve this key objective, we set ourselves 4 key goals:

  • Successfully explain the benefit of the rebrand to existing customers
  • Deliver your new proposition to target customers
  • Ensure internal buy-in and understanding across the GrowFactor team
  • Measure success and use this insight to inform future marketing

Small changes, big impact.

Having spoken to GrowFactor’s customers we knew the impact of their work didn’t come from massive transformational change, but really just a few small tweaks, to deliver massive compound growth.

This is why we landed on the campaign proposition of ‘Small changes, big impact’.

To deliver the campaign, we incorporated activity across the client’s digital and physical channels, and made sure both staff and customers were engaged in the process of thinking about what small changes they could make, to unleash big impact.

We also redesigned the GrowFactor website to optimise conversion and showcase the new brand.

The campaign was a roaring success, with more leads generated in the space of one month, than the client had seen all year.

GrowFactor is now live and growing. Through ongoing digital marketing, the company has experienced rapid growth across their service offering, despite raising their prices, and dialing back their traditional accountancy services.

Find out more about our Scale-up branding programme here.