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Product innovators, Glowstone, approached us to develop the brand for their flagship product, the Glowstone self-heating smart mug. As the world’s first and only wirelessly charged and self-heating fine bone china mug, Glowstone had already secured the interest and investment of the tech crowd on Kickstarter. Our challenge was to develop on their early success and completely redevelop the Glowstone brand to be retail ready and capture the attention of the world’s most powerful homeware buyers.


Glowstone’s founder, Thomas, is an inventor through and through. He’s full of ideas and his endless passion for engineering better solutions for everyday problems is what drives the company forward.

Through workshops with the Glowstone founding team, market trend analysis, consumer profiling and competitor analysis, we identified the biggest opportunity for bringing Glowstone’s inventions to market was in the middle to upper class retail market. As a mug that keeps tea and coffee at the perfect temperature of 65C for an extra hour and charges wirelessly, we knew it would sell to smart tech fans, but by using fine bone china and positioning the mug as a luxury homeware item, we had an opportunity to capture the relatively untapped and typically non-tech-savvy luxury homeware buyer.

Our first step in making this strategy a reality was outlining the right brand architecture for Glowstone. As an engineer-led company with plans for lots of different products, we completely restructured the company’s brand architecture to position Glowstone as the over-arching master brand that sits as the brains and trusted sign of quality behind all Glowstone products.

Taking this approach, we then developed the brand tagline ‘Intelligent British Design’ for Glowstone, and the product tagline ‘Perfect temperature, perfect taste’ for their self-heating smart mug. With our architecture and proposition firmly established, we knew Glowstone’s passion for cutting-edge technology and high-quality design would require significant upfront production costs. As such, every element of the Glowstone brand story, messaging and identity had to communicate ideas of ultimate luxury, and unrivalled British-made quality.


With our brand positioning, tone of voice, target audience and narrative outlined, it was time to bring the brand to life visually. Through extensive research and concept development inspired by both the high-end tech and home ware market, the new Glowstone brand identity was born.

As a brand that combines the ingenuity and grit of engineering and the luxury of British opulence, the new Glowstone logo uses a blend of two font weights and styles to bring this to life.

From here, we developed a stripped-back high-end identity that lets Glowstone’s products shine. The confident orange plays as a subtle nod to the glowing bar that shines through the Glowstone mug when it’s in use, but also gives us a unique colour palette to own as we grow brand awareness.

Through several photo shoots and working with CGI artists, we were able to capture the high-quality and precision of the Glowstone mug, and by coupling this with a revolutionary tone of voice, the new Glowstone brand is one that communicates confidence, quality and elegance.


Following the success of Glowstone’s initial crowd funding campaign, we rolled out a second crowd funding campaign to unveil Glowstone’s new branding and website. Smashing our target and securing press coverage on several international magazines and high-end news sites, we expanded Glowstone’s fan base and reached our target audience in one fell swoop.

Following on from this success, Glowstone have now made Notepad their ongoing marketing directors. Having recently broken into the US market, and a prime time TV documentary series set to hit screens across the UK in early 2018, it wont be too long before you’ll be trying out a Glowstone mug (or one of their future inventions) for yourself.


Brand & marketing strategy: Notepad

Identity design and art direction: Ceri Looker

CGI development: Of the unknown

Mug illustration: Lucy Wilson

Photography: JAG Photography



  • Art direction
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand identity
  • Brand narrative
  • Brand positioning
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  • Marketing strategy
  • Naming
  • Photography
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