More than just a butcher.


Reynold’s, The UK’s largest greengrocer, and The British Premium Sausage Company had a bold vision to launch a new joint venture called Carnivore.

Leveraging Reynolds’s existing national supply chain, and The British Premium Sausage Company’s unrivalled understanding of high-quality meat supply, the idea was to take an entirely new approach to nationwide meat delivery, and disrupt what has become quite a tired and traditional market.

Working in collaboration with the design team at Keane Brands, we were challenged to develop a brand strategy and narrative for Carnivore that was bold, memorable and a little rebellious.


To truly understand any industry, the best people to speak to are your customers. Through the client’s existing business relationships, we arranged one-to-one customer interviews with five of the UK’s leading food buyers.

Speaking to both B2B and B2C meat buyers, the key reasons to choose one meat supplier over another consistently came down to cost, quality of service and product, and clear product security. In fact, in an industry that was driven by price wars, all the interviewees said if a meat supplier could add much better levels of service, trust and added value, it would be an easy decision to switch.

To ensure a deeper understanding of what makes for a great meat supplier, we also examined competitors and market trends, and ran a 3-hour brand workshop with Carnivore’s founding team.

From all this research, it was clear our gap in the market was to build a brand and business that offered more than just cost savings. Carnivore needed to be the brand known for always going above and beyond. Not just delivering quality meat, but actually working with their food and beverage customers to offer expert guidance and support to make their operations more cost effective and more efficient.


Carnivore. More than just a butcher.

Paying homage to Reynold’s existing brand tagline, ‘More than just a greengrocer’, making Carnivore’s tagline, ‘More than just a butcher’ was the most elegant solution.

Using the insights from our extensive research and customer interviews, we then built on this proposition to craft a compelling brand narrative that showcases the brand’s personality, vision, and reason for being:


‘Our meat isn’t just the best quality; it’s also the right meat for the job. We know this because we take the time to understand our customers, and our customer’s customers, and we draw upon our own decades of experience in catering, butchery and logistics to deliver the right product to you whenever you need it.

Every food business is different, and the world needs a supplier that does more than just run through the latest price list. Our customer’s trust us to offer tailored solutions, menu development consultancy, and the latest consumer insights.

Together, we’ll make your competitors mince meat.

As you’d expect, all of our meat is completely traceable from field to fork. We only use meat from animals raised in the highest standards of welfare, and our rigorous food control and safety procedures mean you get complete product security and consistency, with all the required certification and accreditation.

We also strive to offer the most flexible same day or next nationwide delivery. Every order is on time and in full, and we always deliver on our promise. Just let us know what would make your life easier, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

We’re showing the world what meat supply should look like, and we’re not afraid to change the way things have always been done.

When it comes to meat, don’t settle for second best.


To ensure our vision for the Carnivore brand came to life visually, we then developed the brand’s mission, vision, values, tone of voice principles, and key brand messages into consistent guidelines. From here, the talented designers at Keane Brands got to work and brought our vision to life with an identity that truly captured the rebellious, down-to-earth, and service-driven approach we wanted the brand to be known for.

Carnivore is now live and kicking, and already making waves in the meat delivery industry. Find out more at



Brand strategy & articulation: Notepad

Brand identity: KEANE Brands



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