Meet the team

As a studio, we constantly challenge convention. That’s why we’re fully remote, fully flexible and we share our profits. We’re a tight-knit bunch of creative thinkers, with a passion for laughter, collaboration and caffeine. 

Naeem Alvi – Managing Director

After years of working with big businesses like RBS, Nike, Natwest and Argos to help them better define and grow their brands, Naeem founded Notepad to apply big brand experience to ambitious SMEs and growing ventures that want to build their brands effectively and affordably. He loves snowboarding, eating too much food, and reading books (preferably in that order). He’s not as good at dancing as he thinks he is, and has a laugh that sounds a lot like a dolphin mating call.

Krishna Chauhan – Client Services Manager

Krishna is the organised one. During her career, she’s managed brands for businesses like BSkyB, Britvic, Cadbury, and Mondelez. She hates being late to anything and will sprint to a meeting if it means she arrives on time. Plus, she loves keeping fit so it’s a win-win. Day to day, she basically keeps us all on track, and keeps our clients mega happy. Plus, she’s excellent at telling stories and was once rescued by the police in the really dangerous part of an American ghetto. Seriously, ask her about it.

Ian Micallef – Lead Strategist

Ian is the brains. He’s an instinctive and creative brand strategist with experience working with a number of London’s foremost brand consultancies, including Fitch, Moving Brands, and Saffron consultants. A few years back, he grew a moustache for Movember and it never left his face. Wolf Ollins also recently named him as one of ‘six of tomorrow’s brand leaders to watch’. They were right. We watch him everyday and it’s a joy to behold.

Will Lanham – Lead Designer

Will is a senior graphic designer renowned globally for his work. The winner of two DandAD yellow pencils, Will is an expert in visual communication, branding, and motion (but he’s so humble you wouldn’t know it). He also cares so much about rugby that he starts sweating if England are playing. While at Notepad, his hair has grown from a short back and sides into long luscious locks. He’s basically a modern day Disney prince.

Dom Reddi – Brand Strategist

Dom is a mega talented brand strategist. After a few years in the marketing game, he turned his attention to brand strategy and never looked back. He’s also basically a walking encyclopaedia, and is the one person you’d always want on your pub quiz team. He’s a natural born problem solver and has a beautiful way with words. His claim to fame is that the back of his head was once in a Deliveroo TV advert. Plus, he loves football. Like properly loves it.

Josh Cutts – Brand Designer

Josh is as creative as they come. As a brand designer, he takes our bold strategies and turns them into visual masterpieces. He’s super passionate about experimenting with design techniques and you’ll often find him away from his Mac creating with his hands and raw materials. He’s passionate about film, gaming and music and proudly has the longest hair in the team. He’s basically a mega chilled, super positive, modern day wizard.

Luna – Client Experience Manager

Luna is the hairy one. She’s a glamorous diva who always gets her way. As Notepad’s front of house she ensures excellent client experience at all times. She also doubles as a security guard but by her own admission, she’s not that good at it. She’s probably the quickest runner in the team and definitely eats the quickest. She hates cats. And squirrels.