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London: How to build a great brand without breaking the bank (one-day workshop)

Course overview

This workshop condenses Notepad’s tried and tested approach to creating and building brands into a one-day sprint. You’ll go away with all the tools, understanding and techniques you need to create and build a brand people love. Whether you’re thinking of launching a brand, or already growing one, this workshop will help to make your business a market-leader, not a market-follower.

What will you learn?

  • How to find killer market positioning
  • How to bring your positioning to life
  • How to get people to love your brand
  • Why being unconventional is the only choice
  • How to always stay ahead of your competitors
  • How to find and use your tone of voice
  • How to find the right brand name
  • How to ensure one consistent brand experience
  • How to get your team to fight for your brand
  • How to fund it (without breaking the bank)
  • How to scale it (without breaking the business)
  • Feedback, insights and advice for improving your brand

You’ll also get your own copy of Notepad’s branding playbook. This is a step-by-step guide (developed and used by Notepad’s strategists) that you can take away and use yourself to either, launch and grow a new brand, or to make your current brand work harder.

Workshop host

Naeem Alvi is an award-winning brand strategist and the founder of Notepad. After years of helping fast-growth SMEs and big brands like Nike, Argos and RBS Natwest, to better leverage their brand, Naeem founded Notepad. As a team of senior brand builders, Notepad connects big brand experience with ambitious startups that want to define and grow their brands effectively and affordably.

Naeem’s career achievements include:

  • Helping a smart tech product company to grow from zero to £20,000 in monthly sales (and growing) within 4 months of trading.
  • Repositioning and rebranding a global machine parts supplier to boost their growth from £10million to £41 million within 2 years.
  • Successfully crowdfunding a print magazine with two mates, that went onto sell thousands of copies in seven different countries.

Suitable for:

  • New entrepreneurs looking to grow a successful business
  • Established entrepreneurs that want to accelerate business growth or scale up
  • Innovation or marketing managers in larger companies that want to learn new ways to rapidly grow new products and services
  • Marketing consultants and creative freelancers that want to improve their approach to branding
  • Anyone looking to launch a successful side-hustle or turn a passion into a business

Tickets cost £350. Limited availability.

Book tickets here:

Fresh, local food, snacks and drinks included throughout the day. Any questions, please email

“It’s easier for your business to win, if people want you to win.”


Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director, EU Automation

“Naeem is a genuine one-off. We recently had the pleasure of working together on a year long re-branding exercise and Naeem’s expertise and vision was a large part in making it both massively successful and immensely enjoyable. His passion for brand development and its importance to a company’s sustainable success is second to none. Naeem’s ability to merge strategy and creativity is where he really adds value.In short, working with Naeem Alvi will only ever make your business better.”

Thomas Gostelow, Founder & MD, Glowstone

“I am overwhelmed with the quality and design of the website, branding and sales brochure that Notepad created for us. I literally couldn’t have asked for better. Notepad’s work and commitment to this project has been nothing more than awesome, with such a professional approach to every aspect of the work undertaken. Having dealt with a loads of designers and branding agencies on various projects in the past, I have to say that Notepad’s work and approach has surpassed any previous experiences. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the results we’ve got so far, and I look forward to working with you long into the future!”

Tina Digby, Founder & MD, Tidy Coaching

“I made a few mistakes along my business journey, spending money in areas that I shouldn’t have. Some companies are quick to take your money and run (my fault for not doing my due diligence I guess!). However the one thing I did get right (apart from the business itself) is employing Notepad to do my branding. Naeem is a super bright branding expert. What a brilliant, amazing and lovely guy. Thank you Naeem and the Notepad team for your hard work and dedication and for caring about my business as much as I do! I highly recommend Naeem and Notepad for anyone that needs to rebrand their business or for any start ups. It will be one of the best decisions you make.”


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