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Birmingham: How to find and manage your brand voice

Ever wondered why Innocent Drinks always speak in a mixture of sarcasm, puns and poetry?

Or, why Paddy Power fill their marketing messages with slang and the occasional swear word?

Or even, why that Old Spice on a horse advert was quite so memorable?

Simply put, it’s because they know their audience, and they know how to speak to them.

In this lunch and learn, you’ll learn from Naeem Alvi – seasoned copywriter and the founder of Notepad – how to not only find the right voice for your brand but also how to keeps things consistent across all of your marketing activity.

Finding your brand’s voice is just the beginning. Actually bringing this voice to life is the hard bit. This informal session will draw upon Naeem’s experience in helping countless brands to find their voice and better connect with their audiences.

What will we cover?

  • How to find a unique voice your customers love
  • How to help your teams understand your brand voice
  • How to create tools to manage your tone of voice
  • How to apply your voice in different situations
  • How to bring your voice to life consistently across your marketing

Lunch provided. Knowledge bombs guaranteed. See you there, yeah?

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