Notepad & Crowdcube Partnership

Notepad have officially been named as trusted branding suppliers by leading crowdfunding organisation Crowdcube. We will be working with Crowdcube and lending our expertise as their chosen branding partners. 

The Notepad team specialises in creating and growing brands for ambitious companies, and to maximise our value to Crowdcube’s fast-moving businesses, we have launched a tailored brand sprint programme.

The programme has been specifically designed to give pre-campaign and post-campaign Crowdcube businesses a robust and scalable brand strategy, brand identity, and all the tools needed for consistent growth in less than 2 weeks.

Effective branding is absolutely crucial for businesses at any stage of development or investment. It is the quintessential tool for building trust in your offering and provides an overarching strategic direction for the organisation. Great branding clearly articulates what makes a business special, showcasing your value and driving it home to both potential investors and customers. 

Here are the outputs that the sprint programme will deliver:

  • A clear and compelling brand proposition, name, narrative and tools for consistent internal and external communication.
  • Clear point of differentiation to distinguish you in the market.
  • A complete brand system and creative identity that stands the test of time, and effectively pulls in your target audiences around the world.
  • A clear long-term vision for all employees to follow, underpinned by your business growth objectives. The tools, templates and devices your team needs to make your business more memorable, engaging and compelling that your competitors.
  • A brand identity system that allows you to scale and explore new markets and effectively houses your diverse service offering as it grows.
  • A brand that attracts the best talent.
  • Clear and usable brand guidelines, and a folder of required brand assets and marketing materials. 

Prices start from £7950

Note – Notepad do occasionally work with Crowdcube businesses on a reduced rate in return for a % of your raise.

The programme is just as suitable for pre-campaign companies, looking to clearly communicate what makes them unique and attractive to investors, as it is for successfully funded businesses, who are looking to effectively translate their offering to consumers. 

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Crowcube as ongoing strategic partners. Working with groundbreaking companies with the potential to revolutionise industries is truly what gets us out of bed in the morning. And from our experience, Crowdcube is an absolute hotbed for these exciting organisations. 

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