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Most of the world’s best ideas start life as a quick sketch or scribble in a notepad.

Thomas Edison sketched an idea for a lightbulb and his invention now illuminates billions of rooms around the world. James Dyson sketched out an idea for a bagless vacuum, and 5,127 prototypes later, he cracked it. Leonardo Da Vinci scribbled down ideas for the ball bearing, roller bearing, and needle bearing, which now help to power everything from computers, to bicycles and airplanes.

Humble notepads are home to invaluable sketches, notes, stories and ideas that will one day become the world’s most beloved books, famous paintings, timeless songs, or incredible world changing businesses.

Right now, countless makers, inventors and entrepreneurs are scribbling down ideas that could challenge the status quo and move the world forward. As a team of thinkers, creatives, dreamers, makers and do-ers, our in-house strategists find the very best ideas, develop them into noteworthy brands, and help them achieve sustained growth.

Meet our Founder.

Naeem Alvi is a seasoned brand strategist and the founder of Notepad. After a decade of working with fast-growth SMEs and big companies like RBS, Nike, Natwest and Argos to help them better define and grow their brands, Naeem founded Notepad to connect big brand experience with ambitious startups and new ventures that want to define, launch, and grow their brands quickly, effectively and affordably.

Previously, Naeem has worked as a copywriter, strategist, and creative director, at several leading branding and advertising agencies across London and Birmingham, and also helped to found and launch The Quarterly magazine internationally.

At Notepad, Naeem collaborates on all strategy and creative work to ensure we always deliver the best work possible, and help our clients achieve their wildest dreams.

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Our mission is to find the world’s best business ideas and develop them into brands that move the world forward.

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