Most of the world’s best ideas start life as a quick sketch or scribble in a notepad.

Notepad is an independent branding agency which accelerates growth through brand, culture, and design.

Our team have worked with some of the biggest and baddest brands in the universe, but what excites us most is working with people who aren’t afraid to rethink what’s possible.

As a studio, we firmly believe great strategy makes great design better. That’s why we start every project by putting pen to paper and taking loads of notes.

By actually speaking to your customers and your teams, and looking deep into your market, we build brands based on real problems and real insight. It’s our bread and butter, it’s what we love.

Our super collaborative process sends employee productivity through the roof, and turns customers into die-hard fans.

As a team, we constantly challenge convention. That’s why we’re fully remote, fully flexible and we share our profits. We’ve all worked in big agencies and have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. We believe there’s a better way of doing things.

By embracing technology and modern ways of working we’re building a studio that lets people do the best work they’ve ever done.


“When considering our rebrand we spoke to several of London’s top branding agencies and Notepad. We decided to go with Notepad due to their commercial and strategic understanding of how to scale-up brands, and their sheer energy and enthusiasm for our success. The 3-month rebranding process went much deeper than expected and as a result we’ve repositioned the way we speak about ourselves and how we interpret our brand. The brand they have created for Opinsta perfectly aligns with our vision, and the whole Opinsta team is excited to be partnering with them for the long-term to truly amplify operational potential on a global scale. If you’re looking to scale up your business, speak to Notepad.” – Raj Verma, CEO, Opinsta

Our values

As a studio, we never compromise on our values. They guide every decision we make and should give you a good idea of what we’re like to work with.

  • Inspire belief – Show confidence, courage & conviction. It’ll inspire others to feel the same. 
  • Know your worth – Believe in your work. Dont’ be afraid to challenge people’s thinking.
  • Grow together – Always keep learning and sharing ideas. Grow with our clients.
  • On the same page – Keep talking and actively listening. Always be aligned in our thinking.
  • Put yourself forward – Get it done. Step up and take risks. Dive in head first and embrace new challenges.
  • People first – Always put people first, and keep investing in each other. Be kind, caring and supportive.
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As a remote business, we had the option to work with any brand agency in the world. Ironically, we ended up choosing Notepad who were actually based 10 minutes walk away because they totally understood our vision for the business and were much more suited to our ambitious start-up mentality. I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest agencies on countless big budget rebrands for global businesses, and none of them came anywhere close to delivering the value and understanding Notepad did. If you’re looking to rebrand, or create a new brand, choose Notepad.” – Stuart Renshaw, Whisk, Chief Operating Officer

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